Company Profile

StemImmune LLC is a biotechnology company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of the high quality cytokines, recombinant proteins, mediums and other kits for the lab and preclinical research. StemImmune LLC products are widely applied in stem cell and immune cell culture. Currently, StemImmune LLC is working to translate our products into human disease treatment, especially in the field of tumor immunotherapy. StemImmune LLC continues to create new and unique products to meet the demands of the life-science and cell therapy markets.

In addition, StemImmune LLC also provides many custom services to meet specific demand of your research. These services include: recombinant protein production based on E.coli/mammalian 293 cell, immune cell and stem culture, etc.

StemImmune LLC mission is to offer you the best products and solutions. StemImmune LLC vision is to be your trusted supplier for cytokines, proteins, mediums and other reagents.