Americas & Europe

United States

Stemimmune LLC
Phone: 650-722-6613
Fax: 650-288-4897


China (Beijing)

Beijing Cy-tech Biotech Co.,Ltd.
Phone: 86-10-8284-2640
Fax: 86-10-8285-9186
Website: www.cy-tech.com.cn

China (South China)

Hubei Research Biotechnology Co., Ltd
Phone: (Lin Yunuo) 86-18717110287 (WeChat) ,  (Zhang Hao) 86-13545200807 (WeChat)
Email:research@recell.com.cn, QQ:2581162533

Hong Kong

Akea Development Limited
Phone: 852-2519-4341
Fax: 852-2511-6711


Miragen Pte. Ltd.
Phone: 65-6884-6338
FAX: 65-6884-6339

Heat Stable Recombinant Human FGFbasic

Heat Stable Recombinant Human FGFbasic

Product Specifications Expression of Human Proteins in Human Cells Extreme low Endotoxin H..


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