• CellSup® CD293 Medium


CellSup® CD 293 Medium is a chemical defined medium specifically formulated and optimized for the growth of suspension cultures of HEK293 cells.The formulation of CellSup® CD 293 Medium is composed of  serum-free, xeno-free L-glutamine, vitamins, amino acids, vitamins, and et al. The CellSup® CD 293 Medium can be used to culture suspand HEK293 cells without change medium for 7 days, the density can be reached 1x107.












  • Superior cell growth rate and survival rate. 
  • Without adding L-glutamine and HEPES.
  • Serum-free and chemically-defined. 
  • Manufactured under cGMP standard with consistent batch-to-batch performance


CellSup® CD 293 Medium is stable within validity period when CellSup® CD 293 Medium stored at ≤ 4 °C  for up to 6-12 months.


  • Thaw the HEK293 into 10ml CellSup® CD293 Medium, the seeding density is 0.6-1x106 .
  • Complete CellSup®  293 Medium does not need adding any supplements.
  • Keep HEK 293 cells culture for 7 days, the cell density will be reached ~1x107.
  • The protein expression level will be increased at least 2 folds compared to other competitor.
  • Sterile technique is required when handling the medium.
  • CellSup® 293 Medium is intended for research use. It is not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic use.

Product Name Cat.No. Amount
CellSup® CD 293 Medium HCM-CD1-1000  1000ml
CellSup® CD 293 Medium HCM-CD1-10000 10x1000ml
Stem Cells Studies
Description 293 cell culture medium, chemical defind

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CellSup® CD293 Medium

  • CAT#: HCM-CD1-1000 (1000ml)
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